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Welcome to The Jolly Pottery! 

Meet your host and business owner Holly, who has been working with clay for over 12 years! Exeter born and bred she found her love for ceramics right here in Exeter before embarking on further education at the University of Brighton where she obtained a BA Hons and a Masters in Craft, all specialising in the wonderful material that is CLAY! 

My mission is to make ceramics accessible to as many people as possible, to help you find the joy in making, and challenge you to learn something new! 

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Why The Jolly Pottery?

Are you wondering why I decided to name this ceramic studio 'The Jolly Pottery'? The name comes from the one and only nickname I have had throughout my entire life. My Grandfather, Nigel, has always given people and objects nicknames, and mine has always been 'Jolly'. A 'pottery' is a traditional name for a place where ceramics are made, and combining these two words gives you 'The Jolly Pottery'. 


This felt like the best way to communicate how I would like the space to feel and celebrate clay within it's name, all whilst paying a tribute to my grandfather and his slightly silly nature!



Below is a little glimpse into my own ceramic practice. I love hand building and I am a huge fan of large scale vessels. Throughout my work there is a theme of connection between material and maker, the human body, portraiture and capturing movement. Feel free to pick my brain about the theory behind my work - I love chatting about this (although it can be philosophical at times) but it's great to talk about concepts, inspiration and unpacking reasons for creating.

If that all sounds great to you let me know if you want to start an artist meet up to chat through concept, creative blocks or just to meet other artists (this can be from kitchen table artists through to the big timers).  Get in touch on the contact page!

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